Check out fun quizzes for Hallmark Publishing, including the Wedding Style Quiz, Merry Matchmaking Quiz, the Heart's Landing Quiz and the Imaginary Boyfriend Quiz!

Wedding-Style Quiz
For all those who wonder, “What’s my wedding style?”, this multiple-choice quiz from Hallmark Publishing is for you!

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Merry Matchmaking Quiz
Find Your Perfect Hallmark Hunk For the Small-Town Christmas Date Of Your Dreams!

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Heart's Landing Quiz
Come plan your dream wedding at the premier wedding destination in the world of Hallmark Publishing!
You’ve finally got your love for the ages…now as a true Heart’s Landing bride-to-be, you need to plan out the beginning of your happily-ever-after! Browse through all the stores and we’ll tell you where your dream wedding will be...

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Imaginary Boyfriend Quiz
There are some pretty amazing guys in the pages of Hallmark romances. But which one is the perfect imaginary boyfriend for you? Take our quiz and find out!

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